5 Tips for a Phenomenal Smile (On and Off-Screen)

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Are you looking for ways to achieve a phenomenal smile (on and off-screen)? Our dental team has five awesome tips to help you reach your smile goals!

  1. Keep your teeth apart! When you clench your teeth for a smile, your face and neck muscles tense, which can make your smile seem strained or forced. By keeping your teeth slightly apart, your smile seems more relaxed.
  2. Know your angles! In general, people look better in photos taken slightly above eye level. This angle is slimming and helps your smile follow your lower lip line to appear more attractive! Often, people favor a certain angle or “side”, maybe the side where their hair parts or they have a cute dimple. Identify photos of yourself that you like and see if there is a common angle that helps you look your best.
  3. Practice makes perfect! While it may feel silly at first, practicing your smile in the mirror and in photos can help identify your best angles and build your confidence! Think of happy memories or funny jokes to make your smile more natural. Make an effort to smile more throughout the day. Sharing your smile with friends, family and strangers not only lets you practice, but it feels great too!
  4. A healthy smile is a beautiful smile! Teeth that are clean and free from chips and cavities are attractive because they indicate good overall hygiene and health. Teeth that are properly aligned tend to not collect plaque or stains as rapidly and avoid premature wear. And don’t forget your gums! When your gums are pink and free from inflammation they look (and smell) better.
  5. Safe smile enhancements! Treatments such as dental whitening and orthodontic alignment overseen by qualified providers can bring out the natural beauty of your smile. Over time teeth accumulate stains that are tough to remove without whitening treatments. Similarly, crooked teeth can appear more yellow, trap plaque, or wear unevenly which can detract from your smile.

Are you ready to boost your image while improving your oral health? Our Bluebird Orthodontics team in Salt Lake City, UT, is excited to help you design and create the beautiful smile you have always wanted. We welcome you to call 385-500-7082 to schedule your free consultation!