Dr. Hailee Rask offers limited orthodontic treatment to correct small issues in the alignment of your teeth. This type of treatment is typically recommended when only one or two teeth require treatment or when your teeth have relapsed slightly after previous treatment. To learn more about limited orthodontic treatment in Salt Lake City, Utah, and schedule your appointment with our orthodontist, call Bluebird Orthodontics today at 385-500-7082.

Limited orthodontic treatment is designed to address problems involving only one or a few teeth, such as crowding, crooked teeth or gaps in one area of the mouth. These issues typically occur after a patient has received more comprehensive care in the past and their teeth have started to slowly drift out of place. Our orthodontist will thoroughly examine your teeth and mouth to determine if limited orthodontic treatment is right for you.

When you receive limited treatment, Dr. Rask will create an individualized treatment plan using Invisalign® clear aligners. These aligners will gently move your teeth back into their proper positions over a period of weeks until they are straight and correctly aligned. After your treatment, our orthodontist will create a retainer to help keep your teeth in place and prevent them from drifting a second time.

Benefits of limited orthodontics include:

  • A shorter treatment time than normal orthodontic care
  • A more economical overall treatment
  • Your aligners can be temporarily removed for special events, speeches, job interview and photos

Contact us today for more details about limited orthodontic treatment and to schedule your consultation with our orthodontist!