There are some foods that you may need to avoid during orthodontic treatment in order to keep your smile on track. Our orthodontist will review these foods with you when you begin treatment so that you can keep them in mind during your day-to-day life. To learn more about foods and drinks during orthodontic treatment in Salt Lake City, Utah, and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hailee Rask, call Bluebird Orthodontics today at 385-500-7082.

One of the greatest benefits to Invisalign® clear aligners is that they are removable. This allows you to eat and drink whatever you would like, as well as brushing and flossing normally. However, your aligners will need to be cleaned regularly to prevent your teeth from appearing stained or dirty, and you should take care to never eat or drink while wearing your aligners, in order to prevent them from being damaged.

If you are receiving hybrid orthodontic treatment and are wearing clear braces, we recommend that you avoid eating sticky, crunchy or sugary foods. You will be able to enjoy most foods in moderation while wearing braces, but take care to eat foods that will not damage your braces. Some foods, such as apples, corn on the cob, nuts or hard candies, may require extra preparation to eat safely. You may also want to avoid caramel and chewing gum while wearing braces, as they could stick to your brackets and cause damage.

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