An Orthodontic Consultation Checklist for Your Orthodontic Journey

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Your orthodontic journey starts with the decision to schedule a consultation with an orthodontist. Whether you plan multiple consultations or only one, these appointments are excellent tools to learn about your orthodontic problem list, your prospective treatment plan, financial and insurance details and discuss other questions you may have. You are also able to meet the doctor and staff and make sure you feel comfortable in the practice before beginning. The consultation lays the groundwork for your successful treatment!

Use this guide to help prepare for this important appointment.

Before your Consultation Appointment: 

1. Research and choose a trusted orthodontist.

– Look for orthodontists with good reviews and credentials in your area.

– Ask friends and family for suggestions.

– Check if the doctor is a member of reputable orthodontic associations.

– See if the office offers the treatment you are interested in (such as Invisalign® or early braces).

2. Prepare your medical and dental history.

– Bring records of past dental work and any relevant medical history.

– Orthodontists should know about any allergies (latex, metals) or medications.

– A referral from a dentist is not necessary but can help if you are planning dental work in the future.

3. Verify your insurance benefits.

– Check to see if your insurance plan has any orthodontic coverage.

– Some insurances have age limits or waiting periods for orthodontic treatment that may affect your coverage.

– HSAs are great ways to pay for orthodontic treatment, so having your account funded and a card available will help you get started as soon as possible.

What to Expect During the Consultation:

1. Initial Examination.

– The orthodontist will examine your teeth and facial structure.

– X-rays, photos or digital scans may be taken to assess your teeth and jaw alignment.

2. Discussion of Treatment Options.

– The orthodontist will discuss your orthodontic problem list and the treatment options suitable for you (such as traditional braces, ceramic braces, Invisalign, expanders, etc).

– For complex cases, multiple treatment options may be presented.

– For children and teens, treatment may be recommended prior to all of the permanent teeth erupting (called Phase I) or the orthodontist may recommend periodic follow-up visits to monitor the growth and development and eruption of the permanent teeth (called Observation) until they are ready to begin treatment.

– Any recommended appliances or auxiliary equipment (such as elastics) will be reviewed.

– The orthodontist will review the pros, cons and sequencing of each option.

– A treatment time estimate for each treatment plan will be provided.

– In certain instances, the doctor may recommend dental work or extractions of baby teeth to be completed prior to treatment.

-The orthodontist should be able to comfortably answer your questions about your treatment options and help you make the best decision for your smile!

Helpful Questions to Ask

Every orthodontic treatment plan is different, so these questions can help you learn what to expect from your orthodontic treatment.

  • What will be the duration of my treatment?

  • How often do I need to schedule appointments?

  • What is the cost of treatment? Are their financing options? Do you accept my insurance or payments from an HSA?

  • Are there any lifestyle changes required if I move forward with this treatment plan?

  • How can I maintain good oral hygiene during my treatment?

  • What should I do in case of an emergency such as a broken or lost appliance?

  • Should I be aware of any risks or side effects of the proposed treatment?

  • What is the follow-up and retention plan after treatment is completed?


1. Reflect on what you learned at your appointment to make an informed decision.

– Consider the treatment plan, costs and your confidence in the orthodontist.

– If you attend multiple consultations, compare the proposals of each office. You may consider factors such as office location, hours of operation and your impression of the staff.

– If multiple treatment options were offered, consider what aligns best with your treatment goals, budget and lifestyle.

2. Schedule your appointment to get started at your new orthodontic home!

– If you decide to proceed, schedule your next appointment to begin your treatment.

– If you decide to wait to save money, obtain insurance coverage, finish dental work, or wait for baby teeth to be lost, contact the office and they can get you scheduled to be contacted in the future.

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