Best of both worlds: bleaching your teeth during Invisalign treatment

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What’s even better than #straightteeth? Straight teeth that are white and bright!

Many of our patients are interested in whitening or “bleaching” their teeth during their Invisalign treatment. Brighter teeth are the perfect addition to a total smile transformation. Additionally, some people feel like their teeth dull over the course of aligner therapy. teeth colorWearing your trays 20+ hours a day can lead to increased stain accumulation on your teeth if you are not frequently and adequately cleaning your teeth and aligners. While many patients choose to wait until treatment is complete to brighten their newly straightened teeth, it is possible to whiten during treatment!

Your aligners are NOT the same as bleaching trays. They have a very precise fit, so if you place traditional dental bleaching gel in your trays, most of the material will be pushed out onto your gums. Not only does this waste whitening gel, but can result in increased tooth sensitivity and gum irritation.

For patients interested in bleaching during Invisalign treatment, we offer a few specially designed whitening solutions. Our whitening gel is less potent and used for shorter intervals to reduce sensitivity. We also have special aligner cleaners that provide subtle whitening that combats the extra risk of staining during aligner treatment. For patients that want a more dramatic change, we usually recommend waiting until the completion of their orthodontic treatment and then perform in-office whitening!

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