Sequencing Dental Treatment and Orthodontics: Before | During | After?

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If you are preparing to transform your smile with the help of a dentist and orthodontist (or other specialist), it can be confusing knowing which to schedule first. The sequencing will ultimately depend on several factors, including the specific dental issues, the treatment goals, and the recommendations of your orthodontist and dentist. We will review some considerations for you to bring up with your doctors to help develop the proper plan for your case!

Dental Disease: If you have active dental infections, such as tooth decay, gum disease, or significantly damaged or broken teeth, it is generally recommended to address these dental problems before starting orthodontic treatment. This ensures that your teeth and gums are in good health and can safely undergo orthodontic movement.

Extractions or Impacted Teeth: Teeth that need to be extracted, or impacted teeth that require surgical uncovering, are often addressed before or during orthodontic treatment. Your orthodontist and oral surgeon will collaborate to determine the appropriate sequence. In some instances (wisdom teeth in younger patients), the extractions can occur after orthodontic treatment.

Space Creation: In some cases, orthodontic treatment may be needed to create space for dental restorations. For example, if you require a dental implant or a bridge, orthodontic treatment may be recommended first to create adequate space for these restorations. Your dentist and orthodontist will likely coordinate to ensure the space generated is adequate.

Bite Alignment: In situations where your bite is misaligned or causing functional issues, orthodontic treatment may be recommended first before final dental restorations or gum grafts are placed. Addressing the bite problems first can improve the stability of the future dental treatments.

It is important to have a comprehensive evaluation and consultation with both your orthodontist, dentist and other specialist to assess your dental needs and create an individualized treatment plan. Good providers will collaborate and communicate to achieve the best outcome for your oral health, aesthetics, and functional needs.

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