They say a smile is worth a thousand words

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With mask mandates lifting, we are blessed with more and more #smiles ! This is great news not only because sharing a smile feels so good, but because our smiles are excellent tools for communication and making a great first impression.

Smiling is universal throughout the ages and different cultures. Humans even start smiling in the womb! Did you know a natural smile makes up 60% of our faces? This is thought to be one of the reasons why smiles make such an instant and strong impression. We subconsciously use other’s smiles to evaluate their friendliness, confidence and social status. And we are less drawn to “fake” smiles, which may be red flags for insincerity or deceit. Sharing a smile naturally releases endorphins that can help lift our moods and foster a sense of community.

Smiles are natural business cards. They convey information about our agreeableness, our overall hygiene, our social status, and our confidence. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 48% of adults consider a smile the most memorable feature of a first impression (higher than what the person says or wears)! That same survey revealed that those with “flawed smiles” were considered less attractive and competent. From business networking to dating, a stellar set of teeth can make a huge difference in the way we are perceived by others.

Who knew smiles contained so much information? At Bluebird Orthodontics, we love assisting our clients realize the full potential of their own amazing asset–their smile!