Best of both worlds: bleaching your teeth during Invisalign treatment

What's even better than #straightteeth? Straight teeth that are white and bright! Many of our patients are interested in whitening or "bleaching" their teeth during their Invisalign treatment. Brighter teeth are the perfect addition to a total smile transformation. Additionally, some people feel like their teeth dull over the course of aligner therapy. Wearing your trays 20+ hours a day... read more »

Does Invisalign Work?

It depends! Our practice specializes in Invisalign treatment, so if it didn't work, we would be in trouble! While the clear trays work a little differently than braces, your teeth are not aware of what is pushing or pulling on them--they simply move in response to any continuous force! Dr. Rask has spent years perfecting treatment design and execution so... read more »

Nighttime for a lifetime

#Retainers are infamous for being forgotten. How long do you actually need to wear them to keep your teeth straight? Orthodontic treatment is a journey that requires commitment to the goal of straight teeth and an aligned bite. For some this journey lasts a few months, but for others it can take years. However, I like to describe the end... read more »

They say a smile is worth a thousand words

With mask mandates lifting, we are blessed with more and more #smiles ! This is great news not only because sharing a smile feels so good, but because our smiles are excellent tools for communication and making a great first impression. Smiling is universal throughout the ages and different cultures. Humans even start smiling in the womb! Did you know... read more »

What do I do with my aligners at the pool?

Take them out? Keep them in? Clean them after? It's HOT. Summer is in full swing and here in Utah that means long days of full sun. Nothing feels better than cooling off with a dip in a pool or splashing in a waterpark. It is around this time of year that we start getting asked "What do I do... read more »

Out with the old, in with the new?

How clear aligners are changing orthodontic smile transformations For many years, braces have been the most reliable and effective tool to align teeth. If you wanted to "do it right", you had to put in the time with a mouth full of metal. In the 2000's, invisible aligners were introduced and have since rapidly increased in popularity with both orthodontists... read more »